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Efficiently respond to non-emergency incidents

RubiREPORT is the best-in-class online incident reporting system built for public safety agencies.  It provides a user-friendly, simple, and accessible solution that automatically interfaces information submitted online by community members.
Let your officers focus on emergency calls and high priority cases

RubiREPORT allows community members to write electronic reports. This reduces the data entry burden on police officers allowing them to focus on what's most important - serving and protecting our communities.


RubiREPORT readily integrates with your police service website. Community members can then effortlessly report non-emergency incidents through their smartphones or computers.


RubiREPORT integrates with other internal law enforcement tools (ex. RMS). If we don't have an integration for your systems, we will happily collaborate to build that integration bridge.


RubiREPORT portal provides you with easy access to submitted reports. Officers can manage filed complaints, while analysts can easily analyze past reports to draw insights.

Best in class experience for Community Members and Police Officers

Using the latest technology and design principles, we bring simplicity and convenience back to public safety.

RubiREPORT frees officers to attend to higher priority calls and engage in crime prevention.


RubiREPORT is available 24/7 for community members to access from anywhere. 


RubiREPORT analyzes reports to provide a holistic picture of community crime so that you can take proactive steps.




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Data Security


As a privacy-first company; we protect your data as if it were our own. We are entrusted with sensitive information from users and businesses whom we serve. We take this responsibility extremely seriously to keep information safe and provide 100% transparency.


Our solution meets or exceeds all legal data privacy requirements. Moreover, Rubicon is working with independent third parties to ensure complete compliance and security.

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