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Effortlessly manage a camera registry for your community

RubiREGISTRY is an advanced registry system for officers and analysts in Public Safety agencies that's deployable within weeks, not months.

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Loved by the Community, Supported by Police

Foster Community Collaboration


RubiREGISTRY simplifies how residents and businesses contribute to public safety. Our intuitive self-serve portal encourages community members to voluntarily register their security cameras with local police, fostering a collaborative environment for community safety.

Improve Canvassing


Traditional canvassing methods are slow and resource-heavy. RubiREGISTRY streamlined this process by enabling officers to quickly locate and communicate with registered camera owners, accelerating evidence collection.

Streamline Registry Management


Managing camera locations through RMS and Excel is laborious and error-prone. RubiREGISTRY offers automated registry renewal, error-checking, and mapping functionality to reduce manual workload and increase operational efficiency for analysts.

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Registration Initiation 

A resident or business owner finds the registry online via the police service website, by scanning a QR code, or through a link received via email or text from an officer.


Public Registry Options

Registrants can add, modify, or remove their camera registrations.


Data Processing

All submitted information is thoroughly checked for errors and securely stored within a protected environment.


Police Registry Options

Police officers, analysts, and administrators can securely manage the registry and access a map of registered cameras with contact details.



The public and police receive automatic email notifications to stay updated with registry changes.


Requesting Footage

In the event of a nearby investigation, registrants may be contacted via phone, email, or in person to request footage. They retain the right to approve or deny this request. Shared footage is used exclusively for the investigation, adhering to legal and privacy standards.

How it Works?

RubiREGISTRY Features

Data Security and Privacy

Registration data is protected with industry-leading practices for data encryption and storage protocols.

Flexible System Configuration

Adaptable to meet specific community needs, offering customizable setup and process control

Minimal Resource Requirements

A ready-to-use solution with minimal IT resources for setup and ongoing maintenance.

Implementation Guidance

Comes with comprehensive support, including training, best practices, and community engagement resources.

Universal Access

Works on any device with support for multiple languages

Integration Support

Comes with API support, Single Sign-On, RMS integration, and more to meet your needs.

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