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Redefining Video Analytics for Your Security

RubiEYE provides a hybrid cloud and on-premise video analytics software for security companies and law enforcement. Using proprietary AI, Rubicon analyzes the behaviour of humans and objects to eliminate irrelevant alerts and generate insights.
RubiEye Start

Let your security cameras take your safety to a higher level

Rubicon proactively deters crime and catches hazardous behaviour at a fraction of the cost of security guards and site managers.


Rubicon is a plug-and-play solution that readily integrates with most existing camera infrastructures from residential to enterprise scale. This means you don't need to buy new hardware or software. And we even provide custom integration into monitoring stations.


When Rubicon detects an important event, a warning alert is sent to the monitoring station. After the alert severity is confirmed, available deterrent measures (eg. warning sirens) can be activated and a response team can be mobilized.


Rubicon monitors camera feed non-stop, 24/7. Our proprietary AI models track and analyze people, objects, and the surrounding environment to detect security breaches (e.g., trespassing), safety hazards (e.g., improperly installed safeguards), and anomalous behavior (e.g. car reversing on the highway)


Best in class real-time anomaly detection algorithm

Unlike other solutions that only rely on pre-defined set of detection rules, Rubicon also learns to recognize new anomalies that cannot be defined or predicted ahead of time. See examples bellow of Rubicon self-identifiying new events.

Examples - Generated Alerts